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DesignEX_22nd-24th April_Sydney, Australia

'Observatory - Storytellers exhibition.

Since the dawn of time, man has been telling stories through the things he has made.

Visual and oral storytelling vastly predates that of the written language, a method that has been with us a comparatively short time. Some of our most treasured tales were ages old before they were bound in the written word.

As we move into a technological age where the written word in its most tactile form (the book) may become obsolete, how then shall we tell our stories?

The role of narrative in design is being rediscovered. Architects, designers and craftsmen are no loner abandoning the narrative concept in favour of the utilitarian objective. The objects being produced, exemplified by those in the high-design market, seek to engage with us on an emotional level.'

Genty Marshall

The yellow Tea Cup Stool was featured.

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