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Holly Palmer Collaborates with Plant&Moss at Interiors Birmingham

24th-27th January 2010 at the NEC, Birmingham.

Plant&Moss is a British design brand co founded by designers James Plant and James Moss. With shared first names and gardening-esqe surnames, they also share the same vision and underlying approach to their work. The duo graduated in product and furniture design in 2008 and formed Plant&Moss a year later. They have exhibited at a One Year On at New Designers, an exhibition curated by Thorsten van Elten in the Business Design Centre, at The Dock, an exhibition instigated by Tom Dixon. Interiors 2010 will see the launch of the Tube chair.They will be showing 3 customised versions of the tube chair, created in collaboration with Holly Palmer, Abigail Borg and Kat Mammone.

Holly's Design:

“The tube chair is a piece of furniture that has been designed to arrive in the post in parts for the consumer to assemble. My design is therefore inspired by self-assembly instructions with images that people are familiar with and understand. The idea is to eliminate the need for separate instructions integrating them into the manufacture process and making it even easier to put together as the parts are self labelled”.

More information:

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