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August Updates

*Stockists list is now updated to include Baltic Shop, Aria and Panick-Design. Watch this space... *TEA CUP STOOLS IN WINDOW EXHIBITION AT SOUTHBANK CENTRE DURING DESIGN WEEK as part of the 'Best of British' display, featuring 1 red and 1 white Tea Cup Stools. Until the end of October/November. *The Tea Cup Stools are due to be featured in the windows of Hoopers, Tunbridge Wells as part of their collaboration with the ballet there performing Alice in Wonderland over the next few months. *60 minute makeover to be screened early next year, featuring a red Tea Cup Stool in a child's Alice in Wonderland themed bedroom.

*Lunartik ( is using one of the stools to create an oversized version of his ceramic 'Lunartik in a cup of tea' for exhibition *Book Porcupine will shortly be in production - constructed by CNCing layers and laminating. *Tea Cup Stools due to be featured in BMW flyer through Pink&Brown any images will be uploaded shortly :)

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