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It's Trade - April 2009

Article translated_Sitting on ‘the Cup’ By a curious coincidence, the same word in Italian – if somewhat archaic – can indicate two completely different ceramic objects. The first, and more common, use is to indicate china tableware, as in a tea or breakfast set. The second, less used, meaning refers to the classic, indispensable, toilet! British designer Holly Palmer ( has invented an object – showcased within the British collective during the latest edition of Macef, in Milan – which could be said to reunite both meanings. The “Tea Cup Stool” has in fact the shape of a huge tea cup – which looks as if it has jumped out of “Alice in Wonderland” –, but can be found very useful within a bathroom. Created in synthetic material (in a dozen of vivid colours), through a rotational printing technique, it isn’t upset by humidity. So, it can be used as seat or coffee table, indoors, outdoors – or in the ‘ladies’ chamber’!

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