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Press Release - Tea Cup Stool

PRESS RELEASE 2009 Tea Cup Stools from ‘Tea Party’ --------------------------------------------- The Tea Cup Stool took inspiration from children's literature and surrealism, in particular the images and ideas created by 'Alice in Wonderland' by Lewis Carroll. Scale became very important in allowing the tea cup to attain a new purpose, creating a piece of furniture that one could imagine a shrunken Alice might use. Because of the story’s standing in popular culture it is possible for the piece to appeals to everyone’s imagination. The Tea Cup Stools are now available for purchase in a series of bold colours – for the young and young at heart; they have the ability to brighten up any room. For both contract and domestic use. Available from selected UK stores and direct from, please see website for details and stockists. Introduced to Italy at Macef in January 2009, the Tea Cup stools will first appear in a dedicated section of the Melchionni store in Alessandria soon. --------------------------------------------- Product Information and Prices Tea Cup Stool, Height: 41cm, Diameter: 58cm Plastic (MDPE) 5kilos £140, €150, $210 For further information including hi-resolution images please contact: Holly Palmer E: T: +44(0)7738 252041

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